Turn Your Favorite Run into Your Favorite Art

Custom Art Prints for Runners

RunnerArt produces custom fine art of your important running moments. We take a simple photo and turn it into beautiful artwork. It's a truly unique gift for yourself or someone special!

Remember Your Marathon with Art

Completing the grueling 26.2 miles of a marathon is something to be remembered!  It's a great gift to yourself or someone you love to collect momentos from the race.  You can place the running bib, finishing medal, and finisher's certificate into a shadow box.  Don't forget the photo too, and we'd be happy to turn that cherished photo into a beautiful work of art.

If you're working towards running your first marathon or completing another important one, you'll want to have a great experience.  That starts with a sound training plan.  Most marathon training plans are 16-20 weeks in length.  It's a big investment in time and energy to do a marathon well!

Marathon training requires running 3-6 days per week, with one long endurance run 2-4 times a month.  For the best outcome, you'll need to incorporate other types of runs, such as shorter speed work and longer tempo runs.

Once training is complete, don't forget the final race preparations.  This includes tapering, carbo-loading, and figuring out what to wear for the race.  Here's a great checklist on pre-race preparations for the marathon.

When you've trained for months, planned, prepared, and completed a great race - you owe it to yourself to remember the accomplishment.  As life throws challenges at you, recalling your marathon success will help you get through anything.